The painter JAABI
will be presenting
from July 08th to 18th 2016 20 Earth paintings on tapa   to be hanged on the bamboos of the fare pote'e of Maeva.This will be an opportunity to celebrate 20 YEARS spent in this experiment since he started it in June 1996 with the decoration the 'UO, the great kite of Maeva.

" The villagers of Maeva came to ask me to decorate their giant custom kites... to be presented to the tournament kites in Hawaii. Then I thought of using pure soil. At that time I had no idea what would follow..."
The works offer an assortment of ocher colors mainly from Huahine, warm palette in the light of the Oceanian Tapa cloth.
event not to be missed ... Kava tasting and Fenua fruits, flowers and music as expressions to add during the Heiva happening on the beautiful island of Huahine.
 T H E    C H I L D R E N    O R E R O
The ORERO symbolizes the guardian of Polynesian culture. Person of real importance in ancient Polynesian society, he was regarded as the cultural messenger of the people.
This is also the oratory, the art of handling the words to convince assistance and interest, capturing the attention of an audience
Once reserved for a few insiders or transmitted by heredity, the Orero is alive today through cultural events offered to the participation of all the Polynesian people.
March 18th 2015, the children were present at Huahine Fare P
ōte'e of Maeva to achieve this very important event.
All the mana of Huahine was present today with our children at the Fare Pōte'e thank you Vave'a Opu Nui and everyone who so generously made this day".
(Dorothy Levy)

  TE TAI I  



Teaching the school children to make the 'UO. A celebration for  the canoes browsers arriving from Tahiti and Moorea on 25th & 26th November 2015 in Maeva
W E A V I N G     W O R K S H O P
Following Papeete exhibition and symposium dated 9 to 14 June on the theme of "Weaving, the legacy of our ancestors", the Ōpu Nui association organized an exchange workshop from june 16th to 20th at Maeva Fare Pōte'e on the theme of the weaving with the participation of Pohaku Kahoohanohano, Hawaiian expert weaver.
Workshops and animations

Maeva cultural legacy is a permanent source of learning and expression for the villagers.

 Guided tours on Maeva archaeological sites

"Garden Legend Marae Tour"

Guided by Maeva villagers an introductory walk through the ancient history of the Mā'ohi people, the ancestors. 
The marae of the lake side, a walk along the vanilla plantations and the discovery of the magnificent 
 and legendary marae on the hill of Mata'irea.

Flower leis and crowns available (res. 24hrs advance)

Reservations :  
207 449 - 214 845  

2500 xpf  per person -
minimum 2 persons

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The trail that leads along the hill of Mata'ire'a is a pleasant cultural and scenic walk for those in good health. This walk takes about two hours, starting from a wall of historic fortifications near Maeva lagoon.


Along this trail, you will discover the remains of an ancient Polynesian village, unique in the Pacific. Places of interest are many, and trace the history of a living people on the hillside. The entire interior hillside of Mata'ire'a was occupied mainly by families of chiefs. Each residential entity had one or more marae. In Polynesia such a concentration of community leaders' families is exceptional.


The path winds through the hillside and vanilla plantations, then plunges into a dense and lush vegetation to reach a fern covered promontory overlooking Maeva lagoons lined with coconut trees. A breathtaking view with the island of Huahine-Iti in background.


The hill of Mata'irea
At the foot of Mou'a Tapu, the sacred mountain, an extraordinary museum in open air unveils more than 30 marae.