The Fare Pōte'e of Maeva

Typical construction of traditional housing, pote'e fare, with rounded sides, differs from the fare hau pope with rectangular shapes. Its dimensions are proportional to the social importance of its occupants.

Formerly used as a gathering place, then as a temple tehe fare pote'e Maeva has evolved over the years into a space dedicated to cultural activities more than the social village life  itself. The painter and singer Bobby Holcomb along with Marietta Mare Tefaataumarama , Tua Tuarihionoa , and many others, had set there a school dance and traditions , mainly for village children. Thus it is used today , enriched with a museum.

In Huahine, all traditional types of housing , including fare pote'e were unearthed at Maeva . A hugefare pote'e on stilts was listed by archaeologist Kenneth Emory in 1925 , next to the Protestant church of the village. Used as a meeting house , he was periodically rebuilt by the inhabitants , before decaying completely.
Under the leadership of archaeologist Yosihiko H.Sinoto, the people Maeva rebuilt it in 1972, a few hundred meters to the west ( the village entrance ) between the marae Vai - ' Otaha and Rau huru .
Severely hit by several storms , it was rebuilt in 1996 and 2000-2001 , under the leadership of the association ' Opu Nui.

A natural museum

Old capital of Huahine, Maeva appears as a spiritual center of Polynesia, including the number of relics outed of the ground through the work of archaeologists Dr Kenneth Emory, Dr. Yosihiko Sinoto and their assistants.

The museum was built in the fare pōte'e to exhibit the objects and other remains collected during numerous excavations. Among the objects you can see are rowing, adzes, pendants tooth fish, pestles, combs tattoo ... Archaeological treasures pointing on  the quality and the harmony of the Māohi culture.

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The operation of the Fare Pōte'e, cultural heritage of the people of Maeva, is the result of a goodwill interaction of the villagers, including the Ōpu Nui Association, and the department of Tourism.



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