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Manava, welcome! The Fare Pōte'e of Maeva 
receives you in the serenity of an original Polynesian house

 If there is a place,  such as this shady and mythical fare, where to feel and
live the quality and harmony of the olden days life, do we not deprive ourselves and let us enter the world of ancient Polynesians such that they bequeathed to the people Maeva.

Visitors will appreciate the importance of the fare pōte'e environment cultural heritage and its exceptional state of preservation. Maeva, the ancient capital of Huahine, housed the chiefdoms of the island, it was one of the most important spiritual centres of Polynesia, as well in the number of marae in place as in their concentration in the Fa'una Nui lakeside and on the hill of Mata'ire'a. 

In this unique landscape where cohabits ancient places of worship and villagers, the museum of Maeva was installed in the fare pōte'e, the former meeting place of the village. Gathering  relics unhearted in recent decades. 

One can see adzes, hooks, hammers, tattoo hammers, oars, paddles, tapa... tools and other  yesterday objects. 

Archaeological treasures reflecting how rich and important is the Ma'ohi cultural heritage. 

                   Preserving our cultural heritage

                            This is a prayer!
Oh, love of my country,
which flow constantly bathed my youth
in his tender age!
He anoint my body still mortal
And live this love!
Live! Live! Live again and again!
He lives and quenches my native land,
That bloom in their swarm
The children of the soil,
children of my country

Henri Hiro

                          The Fare Pōte'e

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