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The Fare Pōte'e eco-museum

Maeva district, Huahine cradle of chiefdoms, contains in its soil treasures of ancient Polynesian culture.

Old capital of Huahine, Maeva appears as a spiritual center of Polynesia, including the number of relics outed of the ground through the work of Dr. Kenneth Emory, Dr. Yosihiko Sinoto and their assistants.

The museum was built in the fare pōte'e to exhibit the objects and other remains collected during numerous excavations. Among the objects you can see are rowing, adzes, pendants tooth fish, pestles, combs tattoo ... These archaeological treasures are still pointing on  the quality and the harmony of the former Polynesians culture (...) 

The museum opens from monday to friday, 8.30am to 3.30pm and  9 to 11am on saturday.