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Guided  tour on Maeva archaeological sites

"Garden Legend Marae Tour"

Guided by Maeva villagers an initiatory walk through the ancient history of the Mā'ohi people, the ancesters. 
The marae of the lake side, a walk along the vanilla plantations and the discovery of the mythics and magnificent marae on the hill of Mata'irea.

Mata'ire'a hill, a cultural and scenic walk:

 along this track, you will discover the remains of an ancient Polynesian village unique in the Pacific. The path winds through a hillside and a vanilla plantation, then sinks into lush vegetation to reach a fern covered promontory overlooking Maeva and lagoons lined with coconut trees, with off Huahine-iti.

availability for flower leis and crowns (res. 24hrs advance)

Reservations :  
207 449 - 214 845  

2500 xpf  per person - minimum 2 persons

Sites map
The marae Tefano
The Paepae Ofata