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The legend of Hotu Hiva

There was in Hawaiki island (former Ra'iatea), Leeward Islands. a girl, the Princess Hotu Hiva, a radiant and carefree vahine.
Hotuhiva's father had told her daughter that she was promised to a powerful chief, but her heart was elsewhere ... Meet this obligation, the princess decides to run away from her island at night hiding in
a drum.

Carried by the god of the sea "Ruahatu", she reached the shore of Huahine, her new home.

Hotu Hiva is discovered by the inhabitants of Huahine island. She is very tired (manunu, which gives its name to the marae located on the shore where she landed.), and she does not want to reveal her identity in fear of alerting  the warriors of her father after her. Unwelcomed for this, she is forced to watch and dance at the celebration in honor of the god TANE (god of love, the guardian of eternal paradise), she seduces the crowd, people are literally bewitched by this vahine. Even the god Tane falls in love with the princess and appears in the form of a sacred bird.

From this
uncommon connection was born the legend of Hotu Hiva, escaped, disdained, and finally accepted scorned in a new family, a new clan, with the fire of her passion and love she had given to Tane dancing for him. 

From this union with the god were born eight children who became the eight districts of the two islands of Huahine.

The god Hiro's canoe cuts Huahine in two pieces

Hiro tried to go to the island of To'erau roa, who was the former name of Huahine. The wind picked up, it was Toerau, which came straight to the center of the sail. Hiro's canoe took the wind, and slid roughly over the waves.

Hiro, attentive, scans the land in front of the canoe. In the darkest of night, Hiro told his brothers to look after the boat, because when the wind would turn, it'd pass through To'erau Roa Island, that is to say Huahine. Hiro finally told them, "I'm going to rest a little, and when the earth is near, wake me. Beware this: when the mist rises, wake me or our canoe will cross the earth." Hiro went to rest at the back of the boat.

However the God Hiro's brothers paid no attention to the warnings of Hiro but the younger of all brothers, Tupurairai : He told his brothers to ride the canoe carefully. His brothers said to him, "be quiet or we will throw you into the sea!" Tupurairai was silent, for fear of being thrown into the sea and being eaten by sharks. The wind began to turn and swelled the sail of the boat. But the brothers Hiro did not awake their elder, as the canoe sped pleasantly blown by the wind.

The canoe went across the island and the boat cut out To'erau Roa into two parts, Toerau the great called today Huahine Nui and the small portion Huahine Iti.

When the God awoke, the island had been cut and the boat kept on going. Hiro had lost his canoe's paddle, and till nowadays it is in the bay of Maroe.


"Hotu Hiva in the Drum" - Bobby Holcomb